May be paid by credit/debit card, by mail or in person.  Returning students must pre-register by May 1
to hold their place in class and to receive the discounted registration fee of $10 per student.  August
tuition is due at registration. Registration fee is $35 per year, per student.  A non-refundable
registration fee of $35.00 and the first month’s tuition must be paid in order to secure your position in
class. There is a 10% discount, on tuition only, for additional children. You must pay all registration
Tuition for regular students is divided into equal payments, usually 10 from August to May.  AYBC
members pay a discounted yearly fee which is spread out over 12 monthly payments.

Pre-Registration is recommended because class sizes are limited.  We take pride in giving individual
instruction, with a small teacher/student ratio.

We reserve the right to cancel classes with fewer than 3 people attending.
Tuition and Fee Policies:  
1.        Tuition is due by the 18th of the previous month and is late after the 1st.  Monthly tuition fees
are based on registration information and the number of classes taken per week.  Any changes in
registration must be reported in writing to the school.  Please fill out a change of class form.
2.        Absence from class is not considered withdrawal. Tuition is due in full, regardless of whether
the student completes the year or not. Payments will be due through May.
3.        Grebel Dance is now sending out monthly tuition invoices.  There is a calendar on your
registration brochure to keep up with your payments. If an account is late (after the 1st ), an invoice,
with the late fee, will be emailed to you.
4.         A $15 late fee will be charged if payment has not been received by the 1st of the month.  
Recurring credit card charges will be made 7-10 days prior to the 1st.
5.        Tuition and fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
6.         A Registration Fee will be charged for each student annually upon enrollment.   
7.        The annual Performance and Costume Fees may be calculated into your monthly payments per
your request.
8.        We do not prorate classes for registration. You will pay the monthly requirement based on a 10
month schedule whenever you sign up. You may pay monthly, by semester or for the full  year. You
are responsible for the entire tuition.
9.        Classes may be paid in installments by semester also, or in 4 equal installments.  Families will
receive a  10% discount for paying a full year in advance by September 1. We do not charge
installment fees, however, late charges will continue to accrue each month.
10.       If you must withdraw from classes, we require 30 days notice, in writing, to the office. You will
not receive your tuition deposit back. All students pay for classes in December no matter how many
classes there are. Grebel Dance is closed two weeks for Winter Holidays, as well as one week in
spring for Spring Break. Tuition is based on 36 weeks. We are closed Labor Day, July 4th week and
Memorial Day week.

BY THE CLASS:   Adults and dance/cheer team members may  sign up for our convenient class
cards.  Classes cards must be paid before entering the class.  Class cards are available at a discount
of $135  for one hour classes and $185 for 1.5 hour classes, with a 10-class minimum, are good for 3
months, and are non-transferrable.

Tuition Rates and Payment Options:
Baby Ballet &
Creative Movement             ¾ hr of class/week            $45/mo.
Pre Ballet, Ballet I – II          1 hr of class/week            $55/mo.
Ballet l – III                          2 hr of class/week            $110/mo.
Ballet III – VI                       3-3.5 hr of class/week       $175/ mo.
Ballet III – VI                       4-4.5 hr of class/week       $230/mo.                                   
Ballet III - VI                       5-5.5 hr of class/week        $285/m
*Special offer:                  *unlimited AYBJ members    $2400/year                $200/mo.
Ballet III – VI                     *unlimited AYBS members    $3200/year                $300/mo.

Any student taking jazz or lyrical must take at least one ballet class/week.

There is a 10% discount for paying the entire year in full by September 1.
Tuition may be made in 10-12 monthly payments, semester payments (5 mos.) or full by the year.

1 hr class card:
Adult Ballet (16 & up)  (Class cards are NOT available for Ballet I-VI or level classes)               
$135 for 10 classes – 3 mos.

AYBC MEMBERSHIP FEES:  $450  PER YEAR fpr non-Grebel students

•AYBC  - Unlimited classes per week and required to take at least 3 Ballet per week and one Lyrical or
Jazz class

Junior Company                $2400/year or $200/mo. for 12 months OR $240/10 mos.
(includes up to 4 ballet classes, 1 jazz, 1 lyrical and 1 tap-tba per week)

Senior Company                $3600/year or $300/mo. For 12 months OR $360/10 mos.
(includes 3-6 ballet classes, variations/partnering classes, 1 jazz or modern, 1 tap per week)
(AYBC members do not have to pay summer workshop class fees)

•        There is a 10% discount for a full year payment in August.
•        Tuition payments may be made by check, cash, money order, visa, mastercard, discover.  We
do not accept American Express.  
•        Payment must be made before entering class.  
•        Tuition and fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Alabama Youth Ballet Company - company classes are on Saturdays. Yearly fee for non-Grebel
students: $450 ($37.50/mo. for 12 month, $225 per semester, or in full at registration) Payable by
check or cash to AYBC.

PRIVATE LESSONS are available by all of our instructors. The rate is:
Stevan Grebel - $100/hour - $60/ 1/2 hour
Deborah Grebel - $90/hour- $45/1/2 hour
All others - $75/hour - $40/1/2hour
Privates may be shared with up to 4 people at the rate of $35 per hour each.

1.        Payment for private lessons may be made in cash or by check. Checks should be made
payable to the individual teacher.
2.        If circumstances arise that cause you to be able to make a payment, please contact Debbie for
other payment or late-payment arrangements.

We appreciate your business at Grebel Dance! Thank you for dancing with us!!!
Stevan Grebel Center for Dance
Stevan and Deborah Grebel, Directors
2639 Pelham Parkway, Pelham, Alabama, 35124
Shelby County's only pre-professional dance program.
Teaching Dance in the Birmingham area for 44 years!

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