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  • I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for making this
year's Nutcracker so enjoyable!  I got to sit in the audience and watch the
Sunday performance.  It was beautiful and I so enjoyed watching the talented
performers!  It ran so smoothly and looked effortless because of the talent,
time, effort and sacrifices that each of you made. We would not have a
Nutcracker without the talents, patients, dedication and love that Debbie and
Stevan put into everything they do for our group.  We are all so blessed to be
able to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience they share.  The
performers poured in years of blood, sweat and tears into each of their
performances and it showed!  Paula has touched everything from the tiniest mouse
whisker to the undercarriage of Mother Ginger!  She put countless hours into
planning for, making, fitting, and perfecting each and every costume and
accessory. The dedication and sacrifice of each parent is the foundation of each
of the performers and they would not be there without you! The Nutcracker would
not be possible without the support of the parents and other volunteers.  From
performing (and all the rehearsals that go into that!),prop building,
transportation of everything back and forth, sewing costumes, making
accessories, doing hair and make-up, moving behind stage props, supplying the
food table, helping with quick changes, manning the dressing rooms, managing all
the check and cash, Nutcracker boutique to all the lobby stations, volunteers
made everything work!  You were behind the scenes making the performance look
good!  Please be sure to thank these talented people when you see them!

Have A Merry Christmas!

  • Thank you Debbie!  I had a great time!

  • There is no substitute for parental care!

When the sincerely thirsty student finds the truly generous yet humble  
teacher, another generation of the human condition is salvaged from  
dereliction of the heart.

Charity of the heart flows wherever it can, and is deeply needed,  
regardless of material wealth. Even the richest of the rich, and  
wisest of all, are blessed by charity granted from the ageless heart  
of a child.

I testify that Stevan and Debbie fully embody these truths.

My gratitude has not ended.

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  • Beautifully said John!  
What a wonderful experience being a part of the Debbie / Stevan's world of ballet, performance and true
passion for children of all ages.  How lucky can one get to be in the presence of such love, commitment
and life long dedication?  You two are truly "two of a kind"!  We're all a bit sad for this is Julia's last (high
school) Nutcracker, but also feeling so blessed that we have such warm and loving people in our lives.  
Continue to share your love and passion and who knows just how many more young and 'old' hearts will
be touched.

Much love -
Beth Arnold
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