Please arrive 10-15 min. before class to prepare.

Leave valuables at home. Grebel Dance cannot ensure the safety of these items.

Cell phones are absolutely prohibited inside the studios.

Students must be picked up no later than 10 minutes following the end of their
class time. Extra before and after class care may be purchased for an additional
$25 per month.

Students with disciplinary problems will be removed from class.

We reserve the right to withhold service.

Suggested/Basic Class Dress Codes are as follows:

Creative Movement, Baby Ballet
■Leotard (may have attached skirt)
■Pink tights
■Pink Ballet Shoes

■Solid Colored Leotard (no skirts)
■Pink Transition/Convertible Tights
■Pink Ballet Shoes
■Nude Slip-on Jazz Shoes
■May wear over pants or shorts over leo in jazz

Ballet III-IV
■Black Leotard with cap/princess, tank, cami or 3/4 sleeves (no skirts)
■Pink Transistion/Convertible Tights
■Pink Ballet Shoes
■Pointe Shoes or ballet shoes with ribbons

■Tan Slip-on Jazz Shoes  

Hip Hop
■Shorts, cargo pants, Sweat pants, T-Shirts, etc.
■Tennis Shoes or sneakers(shoes must not be worn outstide the studio)

**pantyhose are not appropriate leg wear. Underwear is not worn under tights.
Tights should be washed daily if to be re-worn, as you would underwear.

**Grebel Dance supports appropriate dress for all of our young dancers. Hot
pants and fitted dance tops are fine for jazz and tap class; however, we ask that
dancers not wear clothes exposing their mid-drift.

**cheerleading/track shorts are not considered hot pants and should not be worn
in classs.

Hair, jewelry and makeup:
Girls/Ladies - Hair must be in a bun and secured away from the face for ballet.
See YouTube for how to make a ballet bun.
Ponytails and secured off the face are fine for jazz, lyrical and tap.

No jewelry in class. Do not bring expensive or treasured jewelry to the studio.

No extreme make up.

Boys - Long hair must be secured off the face in tied back. Short hair is preferred.
Stevan Grebel Center for Dance