The Nutcracker Ballet
"The Kingdom of the Sweets"
as experienced by Theodore Haddin

Thanks for the invitation, I really enjoyed the performance
Sunday afternoon.  If we speak of perfect performance, there
was only one child who stopped the audience by looking at it
while her part was going on without her -- but she managed to
regain and restate her part OK.  All the children's parts were
charming and lively.  People sitting next to me rose to their
appearances.  For dancing, the main ballerina in pink with her
magic wand was superb.  And I could name two others,
central dancers, who were also.  I haven't seen a Nutcracker
probably since your original ones out of UAB and the BJCC.  
It was so refreshing to see how well you've trained these
dancers. I nearly cried two or three times, I don't know why.  
Merry Christmas -- I had one of the best afternoons of real art
in a long time. Blessings on you both and all the troupe.  Love,

......Yes, certainly post my email message for the students to
read.  I can't say enough for the beauty of what was so
carefully oriented and danced, and even for the Great Mother
who came on her flotilla and mimicked the main dancer with
her wand!  Some touches even more noticeable on
recollection!   Ted
Hey Debbie and Stevan!
I thought the show was great Sunday!   From out front it all looked smooth, and the
lights and sound were the best ever.   Our friends who came to see Laura Ann were
very impressed, and I heard many good comments from audience members.
I hope your holidays are wonderful.  We love you and look forward to getting back in the

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