out from under Mother Ginger's big skirt or learn secrets to the variations and partnering Tchaikovsky
of the workshop.

Auditions will be Saturday, August 24 for those interested in performing in the 2013
Stevan Grebel's
The Nutcracker.

Participating in the Nutcracker Ballet Workshop does not guarantee a role in The Nutcracker.

Come and learn these dances before the audition season begins!  Prior experience on pointe is
required for variations and the pas de deux.

August 12 - 16

Ages 4-6            9am-12pm  snack provided
Ages 7-9            9am-12pm  snack provided
Tuition:      $150

Ages 10-12         10am-2pm - bring a sack lunch
Ages 13 & up       10am-2pm - bring a sack lunch
Tuition:   $200

Tuition costs include 2 tickets to see The Alabama Youth Ballet Company in Stevan Grebel's The

For more information, call the Stevan Grebel Center for Dance at 205-987-7234.
Ages 4 and up
August 4-8

Hosted by
The Alabama Youth Ballet Company

Ages 13 & up