Mother Ginger Club
Chief Ray is also
responsible for building
our new and beautiful
cannon last year!
Thank you Chief Ray!


2005 Bobby Hayes

2006 Gary Waters

2007 Daniel Endress

2008 Don Murphy

2009 DeWitt Marcrum

2010 Billy Crandall

2011 Danny Ray

2012 Tommy Thomas

2013 Ron Scott

2014 Maurice Mercer

2015 ?????
Mayor Bobby Hayes - 2005
Fire Chief Danny Endress - 2007
Fire Marshall Dewitt Marcrum - 2009
Mayor Murphy takes some hints from Daniel
Thank you, all!
Parents, Students, Staff and everyone at Grebel Dance and
The Alabama Youth Ballet Company
Mayor Don Murphy - 2008
Police Chief Tommy Thomas - 2012
Fire Chief Gary Waters - 2006
Fire Chief Danny Ray - 2011
Billy Crandall -  2010

The Mother Ginger Costume

For those who don't know who Mere Gigogne is, she was an identifiable line of bonbons that sold in St. Petersburg in 1890. The tin box was
in the shape of a woman in a LARGE panniered skirt. The box opened at the bottom of the panniers, and all the little bonbons were inside.
The first time Petipa used her, she was in his restaging of the old ballet "Le Diable à Quatre", which he called "The Wilful Wife". The part was
mimed by a stout old comedian named Yakovlev. She was such a hit, Petipa wrote her into the libretto for Nutcracker.

The character of Mere Gigone itself originates from French puppet comedy in the 17th century as a woman always fighting with her multiple
children who- indeed- at times come to hide under her large skirt.

The Mother Ginger Club met at Pelham City Hall, Council Chambers at
7pm Monday, October 19 for the traditional "passing of the wig". Last
year's Mother Ginger, Ron Scott and the little Polichinelles walked down
the aisle and surprised us all when the wig was handed to Police Chief
Larry Palmer. Other Mother Gingers were there including Mayor Gary
Waters #2, Danny Endress #3, Chief Danny Ray #7, Ron Scott #9,
Maurice Mercer #10
Preparing for the photo shoot
Larry Palmer
Chief of Police
Pelham Police Department

Chief Larry Palmer has twenty-nine
years of service with Pelham, starting
his career in 1986. He was promoted
to the rank of Sergeant in 1991,
Lieutenant in 1998, Captain in 2008,
and Deputy Chief in 2014. He was
appointed Chief of Police in 2015. In
1987 he was selected to serve on
the Pelham Tactical Operations Unit
and provided twenty years of service
to the unit as an operator, team
leader and tactical commander. He
completed assignments as an
investigator in a major crime task
force in 1989 designated as the
Valley Investigative Co-op (VIC), and
with the Shelby Regional Narcotics
Task Force in 1991. In twenty-nine
years of service he has held
supervisory assignments as Patrol
Sergeant, Investigations Sergeant,
Patrol Commander, Investigations
Commander and Operations
Commander. His current assignment
is Chief of Police.

University of Alabama Police
Academy. He graduated the 209th
session of the Federal Bureau of
Investigation National Academy in
2002. He has received a number of
law enforcement related certificates
in accident investigation, tactical
operations, criminal investigations
and critical incident management.
Chief Palmer has a Bachelor of
Science Degree in Criminal Justice
from Faulkner University.
#12 Danny Tate
Pelham Civic Complex
and Ice Area Manager
Stevan and Deborah Grebel, Directors
2639 Pelham Parkway, Pelham, Alabama, 35124
Shelby County's only pre-professional dance program.
Teaching Dance in the Birmingham area for 44 years!

205.620.0800 or 205.602.5639