Curriculums designed
especially for children
ages 2 1/2 to 6.

Specifically designed by Deborah Grebel, for pre-school
children to encourage self-expression and creative movement in a
playful and nurturing environment.  This class combies education
and gentle structure with spontaneity.  The class offers music,
ranging from nursery rhyme songs, world dance, to classical, to
tell stories that the class interprets through movement and
dance.  Deborah Grebel developed the Princess, Princess
Ballerina© game for the girls and the Prince, Prince Charming©
game for the boys. The children develop balance, creativity and
rhythm while exploring the different ways they can move with
different types of music. Floor tumbling is an integral part of the
class to assist in strength development to prepare the child for the
rigors of ballet class.  The class also utilizes props such as
scarves, wands, and stuffed animals for added creativity for
Baby Ballet.  Children learn taking turns, ballet etiquette and
overall social skills.  Stretching and age-appropriate motor
development skills are an important part of this class which is
taught  by Deborah Grebel who holds degrees in ballet, dance   
physiology, early childhood education, and kinesiology; and Ms.
Amelia Grace Self, a former student trained by the Grebel's in
ballet and in the teaching program of the studio. Ms. Amelia also
works in a daycare when she is not attending classes at Jefferson
State and teaching at Grebel Dance.

Mrs. Grebel has been teaching and choreographing for children
for 35 years, beginning at Briarwaood Ballet School,  10 years
with the UAB Youth Ballet, 4 years at Montgomery Ballet and
she founded the North Jefferson Academy of Dance.

Deborah has three children and three grandchildren.
1 class per week:   $55.00 monthly
2 classes per week:  $100 monthly
Classes are 45 minutes each.

Next to, and nearby: Valley Elementary School, Creative Stages Day
Care, Pump It Up, Pelham High School, Bruno Montessori, Indian
Springs IB School, St. Francis of Assisi, Rverchase Middle School,
Gym One, Pelham Parks, Oak Mountain, Valley Intermediate School,
I-65, Valleydale Road, Hwy. 119, Hwy. 261 and Hwy. 31.

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